Tryfan overlooking Llyn Bochlwyd and Llyn Ogwen
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Welsh Mountains (2000ft+) ticklist

contributed by JIMBO Jul/11

Mountains in Wales above 610m (2000 feet) with 15m (50 feet) prominence.
Taken from the Harveys Mountain chart for England and Wales

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Allt Fawrsummit 45698mGwynedd
Allt Lwydsummit 27654mPowys
Aran Benllynsummit 49885mGwynedd
Aran Fawddwysummit 112905mGwynedd
Arenig Fachsummit 41689mGwynedd
Arenig Fawrsummit 81854mGwynedd
Arenig Fawr Far South Topsummit 10712mGwynedd
Arenig Fawr South Topsummit 38830mGwynedd
Bache Hillsummit 26610mPowys
Bera Bachsummit 91807mGwynedd
Bera Mawrsummit 79794mGwynedd
Black Mixensummit 24650mPowys
Black Mountainsummit 91703mMonmouthshire
Black Mountain South Topsummit 51637mMonmouthshire
Bwlch y Ddwyallt [Gwaun Cerrig Llwydion]summit 97754mPowys
Cadair Berwynsummit 90830mPowys
Cadair Berwyn North Topsummit 49827mPowys
Cadair Bronwensummit 53785mPowys
Cadair Bronwen North Topsummit 17700mPowys
Cadair Idris - Penygadairsummit 322893mGwynedd
Carnedd Dafyddsummit 7811,044mConwy
Carnedd Llechwedd-llyfnsummit 17643mGwynedd
Carnedd Llywelynsummit 8001,064mConwy
Carnedd y Ddelwsummit 69688mGwynedd
Carnedd y Filiastsummit 47669mGwynedd
Carnedd y Filiastsummit 169821mGwynedd
Cefn Gwyntogsummit 14615mPowys
Cefn yr Ystradsummit 44617mMerthyr Tydfil
Chwarel y Fansummit 67679mMonmouthshire
Cnichtsummit 247689mGwynedd
Corn Dusummit 346873mPowys
Craig Cerrig-gleisiadsummit 85629mPowys
Craig Cwm Amarchsummit 97791mGwynedd
Craig Cwm Silynsummit 159734mGwynedd
Craig Eigiausummit 50735mGwynedd
Craig-y-llynsummit 18622mGwynedd
Craigysgafnsummit 40689mGwynedd
Creigiau Gleisionsummit 71678mGwynedd
Creigiau Gleision North Topsummit 56634mGwynedd
Crib Goch Summitsummit **895923mGwynedd
Cribin Fawrsummit 31659mGwynedd
Crib y Ddysgl (Carnedd Ugain)summit 7661,065mGwynedd
Cribynsummit 264795mPowys
Crib-y-rhiwsummit 32670mGwynedd
Cyfrwysummit 67811mGwynedd
Cyrniau Nodsummit 22667mPowys
Ddualltsummit 10662mGwynedd
Diffwyssummit 48750mGwynedd
Diffwys West Topsummit 32642mGwynedd
Drosglsummit 93758mGwynedd
Drumsummit 153770mGwynedd
Drygarn Fawrsummit 30645mPowys
Elidir Fawrsummit 567923mGwynedd
Erw y Ddafad-ddusummit 29872mGwynedd
Esgeiriau Gwynionsummit 22671mGwynedd
Fan Brycheiniogsummit 128802mSwansea
Fan Fawrsummit 108734mPowys
Fan Fraithsummit 29668mSwansea
Fan Frynychsummit 68629mPowys
Fan Gyhirychsummit 63725mSwansea
Fan Hirsummit 80761mSwansea
Fan Lliasummit 61632mSwansea
Fan Neddsummit 56663mSwansea
Fan y Bigsummit 215719mPowys
Foel Boethsummit 11616mGwynedd
Foel Cwm Sian Llwydsummit 17648mPowys
Foel-frassummit 378942mGwynedd
Foel-gochsummit 166831mGwynedd
Foel Gochsummit 18613mPowys
Foel Gochsummit 46611mGwynedd
Foel Grachsummit 416976mGwynedd
Foel Gronsummit 124629mGwynedd
Foel Hafod-fynyddsummit 22689mGwynedd
Foel Penolausummit 22614mGwynedd
Foel Rhuddsummit 11659mGwynedd
Foel Wensummit 32691mPowys
Foel Wen South Topsummit 25687mPowys
Foel y Geifrsummit 18626mPowys
Gallt y Darensummit 13619mGwynedd
Gallt yr Ogofsummit 112763mGwynedd
Gallt yr Wenalltsummit 57619mGwynedd
Garnedd-gochsummit 116700mGwynedd
Garnedd Uchaf (Carnedd Gwenllian)summit 402926mGwynedd
Garreg Las [Twyn Swnd]summit 39635mSwansea
Garreg Lwyd [Moel Gornach]summit 45616mSwansea
Gau Graigsummit 41683mGwynedd
Glasgwmsummit 42779mGwynedd
Glyder Fach Summitsummit 1136994mGwynedd
Glyder Fawrsummit 10471,000mGwynedd
Godorsummit 21679mPowys
Godor North Topsummit 18675mPowys
Gorllwynsummit 22613mPowys
Great Rhossummit 29660mPowys
Gwaun Lydansummit 11632mGwynedd
Gwaun y Llwynisummit 25685mGwynedd
Gyrn Wigausummit 64643mGwynedd
Llechogsummit 50718mGwynedd
Llechwedd Dusummit 13614mGwynedd
Lliwedd Bachsummit 203818mGwynedd
Llwytmorsummit 59849mGwynedd
Maesglase - Maen Dusummit 17675mGwynedd
Manod Mawrsummit 24661mGwynedd
Manod Mawr North Topsummit 9658mGwynedd
Moel Cynghorionsummit 99674mGwynedd
Moel Drumansummit 52676mGwynedd
Moel Eiliosummit 183726mGwynedd
Moel Ffernasummit 20630mPowys
Moel Hebogsummit 184782mGwynedd
Moel Lefnsummit 97638mGwynedd
Moel Llyfnantsummit 40751mGwynedd
Moel Penamnensummit 14623mGwynedd
Moel Siabodsummit 488872mGwynedd
Moel Sychsummit 67827mPowys
Moel y Cerrig Duonsummit 13625mGwynedd
Moel yr Ewigsummit 21695mPowys
Moel-yr-hyddsummit 52648mGwynedd
Moel yr Ogofsummit 115655mGwynedd
Moel Ysgyfarnogodsummit 32623mGwynedd
Moelwyn Bachsummit 70711mGwynedd
Moelwyn Mawrsummit 99770mGwynedd
Mynydd Drws-y-coedsummit 176695mConwy
Mynydd Llysiausummit 71663mMonmouthshire
Mynydd Mawrsummit 100698mGwynedd
Mynydd Moelsummit 102863mGwynedd
Mynydd Perfeddsummit 169813mGwynedd
Mynydd Tal-y-migneddsummit 146653mConwy
Mynydd Tarwsummit 30681mPowys
Pen Allt-mawrsummit 92719mMonmouthshire
Moel yr Henfaes [Pen Bwlch Llandrillo Top]summit 15621mPowys
Pen Cerrig-calchsummit 100701mMonmouthshire
Pen Llithrig y Wrachsummit 121799mConwy
Pen Pumlumon Arwystlisummit 44741mCeredigion
Pen Pumlumon Llygad-bychan [Plynlimon East Top]summit 48727mCeredigion
Pen Twyn Glassummit 56646mMonmouthshire
Pen Twyn Mawrsummit 40658mMonmouthshire
Pen y Boncyn Trefeilwsummit 17646mPowys
Pen y Brynfforchogsummit 21685mGwynedd
Pen y Castellsummit 37623mGwynedd
Pen y Fansummit ***566886mPowys
Pen y Gadair Fawrsummit 90800mMonmouthshire
Pen y Garnsummit 23610mCeredigion
Pen yr Allt Uchafsummit 25620mGwynedd
Pen yr Helgi Dusummit 252833mGwynedd
Pen yr Ole Wensummit 730978mGwynedd
Bannau Sir Gaer - Picws Dusummit 92749mSwansea
Post Gwynsummit 15665mPowys
Pumlumon Fachsummit 22664mCeredigion
Pumlumon Fawr [Plynlimon]summit 66752mCeredigion
Rhinog Fachsummit 78712mGwynedd
Rhinog Fawrsummit 105720mGwynedd
Rhobell Fawrsummit 36734mGwynedd
Rhos Dirionsummit 73713mMonmouthshire
Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa)summit ***18431,085mGwynedd
Stac Rhossummit 14630mPowys
Tal y Fansummit 64610mConwy
Tarrenhendresummit 20634mGwynedd
Tarren y Gesailsummit 18667mGwynedd
Tomlesummit 31742mPowys
Trum y Ddysglsummit 163709mConwy
Trum y Gwrgeddsummit 17612mPowys
Tryfansummit ***1686915mGwynedd
Twmpasummit 94690mMonmouthshire
Craig-las [Tyrrau Mawr]summit 23661mGwynedd
Waun Fachsummit 140811mMonmouthshire
Waun-oersummit 30670mGwynedd
Waun Ryddsummit 72769mPowys
Y Foel Gochsummit 166805mGwynedd
Y Garnsummit 43629mGwynedd
Y Garnsummit 41684mCeredigion
Y Garnsummit 176633mGwynedd
Y Garnsummit 822947mGwynedd
Y Groes Faglsummit 12659mPowys
Y Gyrnsummit 58619mPowys
Y Llethrsummit 70756mGwynedd
Y Lliweddsummit 342898mGwynedd
Y Lliwedd East Topsummit 224893mGwynedd
Yr Aransummit 150747mGwynedd
Yr Elensummit 371962mGwynedd
Ysgafell Wensummit 46672mGwynedd
Ysgafell Wen Far North Topsummit 49650mGwynedd
Ysgafell Wen North Topsummit 42669mGwynedd
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