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Mark's Grit Solo Circuits ticklist

contributed by tehmarks Nov/19

(Mostly) tried and tested (mostly) low-stress solo circuits on the gritstone edges. Missing a few routes because they don't appear in the ticklist route search box despite being in the database:
Mantlepiee Buttress (D, Stanage Popular)
Mantlepiece Crack (D 4a, Stanage Popular)
And a few others I'll add when I can remember...

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Bosun's Slab M * 812 8m Bamford Edge
Hypotenuse M * 849 8m Bamford Edge
Green Chimney D 234 8m Bamford Edge
Loader's Bay D 496 8m Bamford Edge
Artillery Corner D 689 8m Bamford Edge
Slab and Crack D * 446 8m Bamford Edge
Wenceslas D 97 4m Bamford Edge
Que? Slab VD 277 ? Bamford Edge
Que? Slab Direct/K Buttress Slab Direct VD * 544 6m Bamford Edge
Gangway VD 707 8m Bamford Edge
Holly VD 178 4m Bamford Edge
Ivy VD 168 4m Bamford Edge
Ebenezer S 4c 123 ? Bamford Edge
The Groove VD 52 6m Baslow Edge
Flake Crack D * 337 6m Baslow Edge
Route 0 D 572 6m Baslow Edge
Chipped Slab D 190 6m Baslow Edge
Route 2 VD 4b * 773 7m Baslow Edge
Route 3 VD 411 4m Baslow Edge
Route 3.5 VD 503 4m Baslow Edge
Stepped Groove M 546 5m Baslow Edge
Left-hand Gully M 202 7m Baslow Edge
Gully Wall M * 633 6m Baslow Edge
Right-hand Gully D 292 7m Baslow Edge
Shallow Rib VD * 468 6m Baslow Edge
Blocked Gully M 273 5m Baslow Edge
Black Crack D 165 5m Baslow Edge
Bosun's Wall HVD 4a 305 5m Birchen Edge
Bosun's Crack VD 389 4m Birchen Edge
Poop Crack VD 4a 218 ? Birchen Edge
The Gangplank M * 1169 10m Birchen Edge
Handy Crack D 919 6m Birchen Edge
Captain's Crawl M 240 ? Birchen Edge
Trafalgar Crack VD 4a * 3643 14m Birchen Edge
Sailor's Problem VD 891 6m Birchen Edge
Stoker's Break VD 1135 6m Birchen Edge
Stoker's Wall D * 1481 6m Birchen Edge
Stoker's Wall Crack M 2c 85 ? Birchen Edge
Monkey Wall M 1162 8m Burbage North
Grotto Slab M 239 ? Burbage North
Steptoe M * 1460 8m Burbage North
Amazon Gully M 355 10m Burbage North
Bilberry ArĂȘte M 551 ? Burbage North
Think of England M 259 ? Burbage North
Burgess Buttress D 1056 6m Burbage North
Black Slab Variation D * 1188 8m Burbage North
End Slab D * 987 8m Burbage North
Back End Slab D 669 ? Burbage North
Ender D * 927 8m Burbage North
Stepped Crack D 700 8m Burbage North
Sentinel Crack D * 1196 10m Burbage North
The Be All HVD 4a 490 6m Burbage North
Route 3 VD 4a * 2821 6m Burbage North
Black Slab VS 4b * 1449 8m Burbage North
Cave Crawl S 5a *** 778 12m Froggatt Edge
Slab Recess D ** 2711 16m Froggatt Edge
Gamma VD 2501 12m Froggatt Edge
Ram Jam Full S 4b * 94 ? Stanage North
Flake Chimney D 116 ? Stanage North
Pillar Route VS 5a 57 ? Stanage North
Shining Jewel HS 4c 59 ? Stanage North
Difficult Sister D 68 7m Stanage North
Jam Good VD 114 8m Stanage North
Jammy D 334 6m Stanage Plantation
Right Pool Crack VD 336 8m Stanage Plantation
Delirious M 401 8m Stanage Plantation
Scoop and Corner M * 493 8m Stanage Plantation
Pal Joey VD * 554 6m Stanage Plantation
Castle Chimney M ** 774 20m Stanage Popular
28 stars 46,411 416m 69
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