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Ben Nevis Grad V's ticklist

contributed by arose Jan/21

Comprehensive list of the grade V routes on Ben Nevis.

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IsandhlwanaV 5 **5?Ben Nevis
The Lime Green GaiterV 6 *2?Ben Nevis
Newbigging's 80 Minute Route Right Hand VariationV 6 -?Ben Nevis
Right-Hand Wall Route Direct FinishV 4 3?Ben Nevis
Minus Two ButtressV 5 *3?Ben Nevis
Minus Two GullyV 5 ***181?Ben Nevis
Minus One Gully Direct FinishV 5 **3?Ben Nevis
Smith-Holt RouteV 5 *12?Ben Nevis
Orion Face DirectV 5 ***371?Ben Nevis
Zero GullyV 4 ***267300mBen Nevis
Observatory RidgeV 4 ***202420mBen Nevis
Vade MecumV 5 **20?Ben Nevis
Hadrian's Wall DirectV 5 ***379300mBen Nevis
SickleV 5 ***86?Ben Nevis
Left Edge RouteV 5 ***13?Ben Nevis
Rubicon WallV 5 ***30?Ben Nevis
Observatory ButtressV 4 **133?Ben Nevis
Observatory Buttress Direct FinishV 5 **16180mBen Nevis
North-West FaceV 5 *2100m• 2Ben Nevis
Indicator Right-HandV 5 **88?Ben Nevis
Indicator WallV 4 ***192?Ben Nevis
Shot in the DarkV 5 *9?Ben Nevis
CaledoniaV **9?• 3Ben Nevis
Shot in the FootV 4 6?Ben Nevis
Smith's RouteV 5 ***331?Ben Nevis
Optimist's ArĂȘteV 6 *2150m• 4Ben Nevis
Augean Alley FinishV 5 ***-50mBen Nevis
Icicle VariationV 5 ***540mBen Nevis
Echo Traverse (Direct Icefall Star / Wet Spring Start)V 6 *250mBen Nevis
WonderwomanV 6 *1?Ben Nevis
Down to the WireV 6 5220mBen Nevis
North-West Face RouteV 5 16215m• 6Ben Nevis
Turf WarV 6 ***17?Ben Nevis
Left Hand ChimneyV 6 *3230m• 6Ben Nevis
JacknifeV 6 7790m• 3Ben Nevis
Vanishing GullyV 5 ***357200mBen Nevis
The ChuteV 4 *2220mBen Nevis
Dry BirdsV 6 *1100m• 2Ben Nevis
InceptionV 7 4?• 4Ben Nevis
Pinnacle Buttress DirectV 5 **5220mBen Nevis
Comb Gully Buttress Icefalls - LeftV 6 1?• 2Ben Nevis
Comb Gully Buttress - Icicle FinishV 5 *340mBen Nevis
Roaring FortiesV 5 *10?Ben Nevis
Pigott's RouteV 6 *2?Ben Nevis
MercuryV 5 **8?Ben Nevis
Long Lost ChimneyV 5 *-70m• 2Ben Nevis
VenusV 5 *-?Ben Nevis
DianaV 5 **22?Ben Nevis
VultureV 5 **-?Ben Nevis
QuickstepV 5 *26?Ben Nevis
Two-Step CornerV 5 ***142?Ben Nevis
La Nina (El Nino Direct Start)V 6 380m• 2Ben Nevis
The BansheeV 5 *3120m• 4Ben Nevis
Lost The PlaceV 5 **57?Ben Nevis
Une Journee OrdinaireV 6 **8?Ben Nevis
BlockheadV 6 270m• 2Ben Nevis
Jive TurkeyV 6 *290m• 2Ben Nevis
The Groove ClimbV 6 *670m• 3Ben Nevis
Morton's NeuromaV 5 *3?Ben Nevis
Titan CracksV 6 6100m• 3Ben Nevis
Mega Route XV 6 ***46?Ben Nevis
Carn Dearg Cascade / CIC IcefallV 6 *6145mBen Nevis
Macphee's RouteV 6 *2165mBen Nevis
Boomer's RequiemV 5 **102?Ben Nevis
Compression CrackV 5 **65?Ben Nevis
Plum DuffV 5 **160m• 2Ben Nevis
Casino RoyaleV 5 -190mBen Nevis
Surgeon's GullyV 5 **-?Ben Nevis
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