Sue Hazel on Old Tom Bombadil
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Team Perrett Sport Route First Ascents ticklist

contributed by Adam Perrett Apr/21

These are the sport routes and boulder problems that Sarah and Adam Perrett have bolted and climbed the first ascent of on Portland, Dorset.

User Percentage Latest Log
1 Adam Perrett 100% 23 Jul
2 johnl 76% 26 Jul
3 Hidden 18% 1 Aug

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Kung Fu Panda 4c * 618 9m Godnor
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 4c 368 ? Lost Valley
Sinister Dexter 6a+ * 85 ? Cheyne Cliff
Chill Dementia 4c 161 ? Cheyne Cliff
Hayabusa 6a * 158 ? Dungecroft Quarry
We Apologise for the Inconvenience 5a 211 ? Dungecroft Quarry
Love on the Rocks ;) 5a * 912 9m Battleship Back...
Absent Friends, Here's to Them 5c 707 9m Battleship Back...
Hanging Out with Halo Jones 6a * 764 7m Battleship Back...
When You Were Little You Dreamed You Were Big 6b+ * 459 8m Battleship Back...
Come on Eileen 6a+ * 72 9m The Cuttings
Magnum Farce 2c 36 9m Wallsend North
Updraft 5a 52 4m Wallsend North
The Black Vegetable 5c * 87 ? Wallsend North
Spear of Destiny 5c 67 ? Battleship Back...
Jurassic Bark 6c+ * 22 ? Battleship Back...
West of Vanity Fare 6b 38 12m The Cuttings
Thin on Top 6b+ 93 8m Battleship Back...
The Angel from my Nightmare 3a * 232 8m Lost Valley
Chalkings of a Madman 6a 53 8m Coastguard South
Old Tom Bombadil 5a 26 10m Coastguard South
Last Ditch Effort 5b 22 8m Dungecroft Quarry
Suspiria de Profundis 6b 16 7m Dungecroft Quarry
Heavens Above 7b 3 7m Lost Valley
Marry Me in Vegas? 7b 7 10m Lost Valley
If a Great Wave Shall Fall 6b * 17 8m Nicodemus Knob
Nebbin the Knob 6b 21 8m Nicodemus Knob
High Above the Mucky Muck 5b 11 8m Nicodemus Knob
The Clitheroe Kid 4a 54 8m Nicodemus Knob
To the Moon and Back 6a 16 15m Nicodemus Knob
Ascension 7a 1 6m Tout Quarry
The Sixteen Dollar Man 6b+ 5 7m Wallsend North
Dignity 5c * 153 11m The Cuttings
Black Leather Rock 6a+ 61 ? Dungecroft Quarry
Jaguar Skills 6c+ 11 7m Dungecroft Quarry
Centrifugal Bumble-puppy f5 3 ? Nicodemus Knob
Perrêtte f4+ 4 4m Nicodemus Knob
Staying Alive f5+ 4 5m Nicodemus Knob
Badger, Badger, Badger 6b+ 2 7m Tout Quarry
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! 6a 43 21m Blacknor Far South
Chandelier 6b+ * 9 7m Dungecroft Quarry
I Fell in Love with Uranus 6b * 13 7m Dungecroft Quarry
The Man Who Can’t be Moved 6c+ 3 8m The New Cuttings
Terrorbyte 6b+ 11 7m Battleship Back...
Megahurts 6c+ 13 7m Battleship Back...
Persistence is Futile 6b 24 ? Battleship Edge
Action Man 6b+ 2 9m Cave Hole
This is the Sea 4a 6 8m Cave Hole
The Scroobious Pip 6b 13 ? Battleship Edge
50! 3b 108 ? The Cuttings
It's the End of the World as we Know it (and I Feel Fine) 5a 26 ? Blacknor North
Walking on Broken Glass 6b+ 9 ? Blacknor North
Princess Consuela Bananahammock 6a+ 15 ? Blacknor North
A Highway With No One On It 6b 8 ? Blacknor North
The Ivanator 6b * 7 ? Blacknor North
The Special Branch 6a+ 12 9m Lost Valley
Supermassive Back Hole 6b 8 ? Lost Valley
Somewhere Only We Know 5c * 51 ? Lost Valley
The Dark End of the Street 6a+ * 71 ? Lost Valley
Mullet Man 6a 11 8m Blacknor South
Grease Monkey 6a+ * 9 18m Blacknor North
Back to December (Adam's Version) 5c 8 ? Cheyne Cliff
Merry Christmas You Suckers 4b 7 ? Cheyne Cliff
'Cause We All Have Wings 6a * 8 13m Blacknor North
Catch the Pigeon 6a * 11 12m Blacknor North
Come Fly by Day 5b 7 14m Blacknor North
Queen of the New Year 3a 554 6m The Cuttings
It's a God Awful Small Affair 2c 109 ? Cheyne Cliff
Sweet Dreams are Made of This 3c * 402 ? Lost Valley
Doris Does Dungecroft 3a 184 9m Dungecroft Quarry
One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest 5c * 586 7m Battleship Back...
I Get High with a Little Help from My Friends 5a * 520 7m Battleship Back...
Up the Apples and Pears 2c 34 10m Wallsend North
Sylvia Sunset 2c 40 9m Wallsend North
Easy Like a Sunday Morning 2c 42 9m Wallsend North
Here Comes The Rain Again 5c 61 5m Wallsend North
Spear of Broccoli 5c 75 ? Battleship Back...
It's all a Bunch of Tree Hugging Hippie Crap 5c 59 ? Battleship Back...
The Naughty Corner 4b 89 11m The Cuttings
Samphire and Steel 5a 111 6m Battleship Back...
Lush 5c * 203 9m Lost Valley
Jog on Doris 4c 53 8m Coastguard South
Rude Not To 5a 45 6m Coastguard South
Fallen Angel 5a 31 7m Lost Valley
Slap and Tickle 6a+ 18 7m Dungecroft Quarry
The Purple Pirate 3b * 45 8m Beeston Cliff
Mr Krabs' New Sunglasses 3a * 38 8m Beeston Cliff
The Wharncliffe Boys 4b 44 8m Nicodemus Knob
Honorary Boy 3c 50 8m Nicodemus Knob
The Weymouth Girls 5b 24 15m Nicodemus Knob
Beautifully Bolted by the Portland Psychos 3c 12 8m Nicodemus Knob
Smug Mode Enabled 6b 13 7m Wallsend North
Sean 4c 84 9m The Cuttings
Room for a Little'un? 5a 107 ? Dungecroft Quarry
Bliss 4b 59 17m Blacknor Far South
Six Go Mad in Sorrento 6a 44 ? Blacknor Far South
Guerrillas in the Myst 4c 40 ? Battleship Edge
And Then There Were Two 4b 15 8m Cave Hole
Escape from Davy Jones’ Locker 3b 6 8m Cave Hole
25! 4a 124 ? The Cuttings
The Notorious Ivy G 5b 19 ? Blacknor North
One Armed Bandit 5c 14 ? Blacknor North
Who ate all the Pies?! 5c 57 ? Lost Valley
If Banksy did Bolting... 5b 70 ? Lost Valley
Slippery When Wet 5b 35 ? Lost Valley
Psycho Driller 4c 91 ? Lost Valley
Gin Gal Belles 4b 8 ? Cheyne Cliff
Tea Cakes and Testosterone 5b 12 ? Dungecroft Quarry
Rock Chick 5b * 13 12m Blacknor North
I'll Get You, Penelope Pitprop! 5a 15 12m Blacknor North
Battle of the Bulge 5b * 8 15m Blacknor North
28 stars 10,408 643m 111
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