Climb name Grade Added Crag name
GretaHS 4b **25/Sep/13Wintour's Leap
One Less White NiggerVS 4c **12/Mar/13Shorn Cliff
...One for AllHS 4b **12/Mar/13Shorn Cliff
State of IndependenceVS 4b **12/Mar/13Shorn Cliff
Tigers Don't CryHVS 5a ***12/Mar/13Shorn Cliff
No MusketeersHVS 5a ***12/Mar/13Shorn Cliff
The Laughing CavaliersHVS 5a ***12/Mar/13Shorn Cliff
Bitter Battle TearsHVS 5a ***12/Mar/13Shorn Cliff
Mad Dog of the WestVS 5a **12/Mar/13Australia
Ruby Marlee meets Dr Holingsworth !6a **12/Mar/13Australia
Pregnant Pause6a+ ***12/Mar/13Blacknor Central
Main WallHS 4b ***10/Mar/13Cyrn Las (Gyrn Las)
A Grand Day Out6b **10/Mar/13Australia
Clash of the Titans6a **10/Mar/13Australia
Plastic Soldier6a **10/Mar/13Australia
Peter Pan6a+ **10/Mar/13Serengeti
The RussianHVS 5a **13/Jun/11Symonds Yat
Red Rose SpeedwayHVS 5a ***13/Jun/11Symonds Yat
ZeldaHS 4b ***13/Jun/11Wintour's Leap
King KongE1 5b ***13/Jun/11Wintour's Leap
Organ GrinderHVS 5a **13/Jun/11Shorn Cliff