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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
La ChuteE5 6b **25/JulWater-cum-Jolly
St. PaulE3 5c *23/JulWater-cum-Jolly
Fire on Water7b+ **23/JulWater-cum-Jolly
In BulkE6 6b **22/JulWater-cum-Jolly
JezebelE5 6a **18/JulWater-cum-Jolly
The Rising TideE4 6a **14/JulSt. Govan's Head
SoulsE6 6b ***13/JulHuntsman's Leap
Hunter-KillerE6 6b ***13/JulHuntsman's Leap
Darkness at NoonE5 6a ***13/JulHuntsman's Leap
Just another day/Scorch the earthE5 6a ***13/JulHuntsman's Leap
Head HunterE5 6a **13/JulHuntsman's Leap
Witch HuntE4 6b ***13/JulHuntsman's Leap
FitzcarraldoE5 6a **13/JulHuntsman's Leap
Boat to NaxosE7 6b ***13/JulHuntsman's Leap
Pleasure DomeE3 5c ***13/JulStennis Head
Mean StreakE5 6a **13/JulStennis Head
Grey English MorningE5 6b ***13/JulStennis Head
MysteriesE3 5c ***13/JulStennis Ford
Muy Caliente!E10 6c ***13/JulStennis Ford
Point BlankE8 6c ***13/JulStennis Ford
From a DistanceE7 6b ***13/JulStennis Ford
Ghost TrainE6 6b ***13/JulStennis Ford
SuspenseE4 5c ***13/JulStennis Ford
Get Some InE5 6a ***13/JulSt. Govan's Head
John WayneE5 6a **13/JulSt. Govan's Head