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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Arqueologico7c **12 MarSanta Linya
The Great Shark Huntf8B 9 Jan, 2020Chironico
Big Pawf8C ***9 Jan, 2020Chironico
Freak Brothersf8A **9 Jan, 2020Chironico
The Alphane Moonf8A **9 Jan, 2020Chironico
Jungle Book - Stand Startf7C+ ***5 Jan, 2020Cresciano
The Story of Two Worldsf8C ***5 Jan, 2020Cresciano
The Daggerf8B+ 5 Jan, 2020Cresciano
Dreamtimef8B+ ***5 Jan, 2020Cresciano
Ruby's Cafe5.13a 2 Jan, 2020Indian Creek
The Illusionist9a ***20 Nov, 2019Flatanger
Zoo Yorkf8A **16 Oct, 2019Caley Crags
Jason's Rooff8A ***16 Oct, 2019Crookrise
Jerry's Traversef7C+ ***9 Oct, 2019Stanage Plantation
Candy man SSf7C+ **4 Jun, 2019Squirrel Buttress
Candy Kanedf7C ***4 Jun, 2019Squirrel Buttress
Ovine Low Leftf7C ***2 Jun, 2019Blackwell Dale
Mutton Bustingf8A **2 Jun, 2019Blackwell Dale
Mint Saucef7C 2 Jun, 2019Blackwell Dale
Paint it Blackf7C **18 May, 2019Blackwell Dale
Jerry's Traversef7A+ **18 May, 2019Blackwell Dale
A Lack of Colourf7B **18 May, 2019Blackwell Dale
Sean's Problemf7C ***18 May, 2019Crag X (Derbyshire)
The Thingf8A ***18 May, 2019Crag X (Derbyshire)
Hulkf7C+ ***18 May, 2019Crag X (Derbyshire)
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