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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Overhanging ChimneyVS 4c *01/May/16Chair Ladder
Seal SlabVS 4c **01/May/16Chair Ladder
PegasusHS 4b ***01/May/16Chair Ladder
Rake's ProgressVD **01/May/16Chair Ladder
KaleidoscopeVS 4c *01/May/16Chair Ladder
Red WallS 4a **01/May/16Chair Ladder
Central Buttress ChimneysVD 01/May/16Chair Ladder
South Face DirectVS 4c ***01/May/16Chair Ladder
South-East Face DirectVS 4c *01/May/16Chair Ladder
The MitreVS 4c **01/May/16Chair Ladder
Flannel AvenueHS 4b ***01/May/16Chair Ladder
AerialVS 4c **01/May/16Chair Ladder
Corporal's RouteHS 4b *01/May/16Chair Ladder
Mermaid's RouteVD *01/May/16Chair Ladder
Direct Route (Martinez direct)HS 4b ***01/May/16Naranjo de Bulnes...
Bubbly WallHS 4b *01/May/16Tryfan
Arête ClimbS 4b **01/May/16Tryfan
CrackerjackHS 4c *01/May/16Tryfan
Gashed CragVD **01/May/16Tryfan
The WallHS 4b *01/May/16Tryfan
Thomson's ChimneyHS 4b *01/May/16Tryfan
Overlapping Ridge Route (First Pinnacle Rib)D **01/May/16Tryfan
Pinnacle Rib RouteD ***01/May/16Tryfan
Crevassed RibHS 4b *01/May/16Tryfan
North Side RouteVS 4c *01/May/16Tryfan