Climb name Grade Added Crag name
The Billiard TableS 17/Aug/12Gradbach Hill
The PenultimateE1 5b *17/Aug/12Burbage North
Right FinHVS 5a **17/Aug/12Burbage North
Greeny CrackVS 4b **17/Aug/12Burbage North
Amazon CrackHS 4b ***17/Aug/12Burbage North
Long Tall SallyE1 5b ***17/Aug/12Burbage North
ObscenityVS 4c ***17/Aug/12Burbage North
Brooks' LaybackHS 4b **17/Aug/12Burbage North
Knight's MoveHVS 5a ***17/Aug/12Burbage North
Hollyash CrackVS 4b **17/Aug/12Burbage North
Ash Tree WallS 4a **17/Aug/12Burbage North
Mutiny CrackHS 4b ***17/Aug/12Burbage North
Big Black 'unHVS 5a *17/Aug/12Burbage North
Little White JugVS 4c *17/Aug/12Burbage North
The ChantHVS 5a *17/Aug/12Burbage North