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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Spellbound7a **6 Feb, 2022Puig Campana
Diedros M√°gicos6a ***6 Feb, 2022Puig Campana
New Generations6b+ 5 Feb, 2022Puig Campana
Pilar de Finestrat6b+ **5 Feb, 2022Puig Campana
El Diamante6a+ ***5 Feb, 2022Puig Campana
Kiss Me Hardy7a+ ***29 Jul, 2021Chee Dale Upper
Bored of the Lies7b+ ***25 Jul, 2021Chee Dale Lower
Beelzebub7b+ *25 Jul, 2021Chee Dale Lower
Armistice Day7a+ **25 Jul, 2021Chee Dale Lower
Whose Line is it Anyway?7a+ ***25 Jul, 2021Chee Dale Lower
The Jug Jockey7c+ ***25 Jul, 2021Chee Dale Lower
Martial Music7a **24 Jul, 2021Chee Dale Lower
Central CrackHS 4b *10 Jul, 2021Almscliff
Black Wall EliminateE2 5c ***9 Jul, 2021Almscliff
'Arries 'OokE4 6a **9 Jul, 2021Almscliff
Birdlime TraverseE1 5b ***9 Jul, 2021Almscliff
ClematisE2 5c *9 Jul, 2021Almscliff
OublietteE2 6a *9 Jul, 2021Almscliff
Blind ValleyE3 5c ***9 Jul, 2021Ilkley (Rocky...
Wellington CrackE4 5c ***9 Jul, 2021Ilkley (Cow and...
The AlmightyE5 6b ***5 Jul, 2021Scafell East...
IchabodE2 5c ***5 Jul, 2021Scafell East...
PhoenixE2 5c ***5 Jul, 2021Scafell East...
GrimalkinE4 6a ***5 Jul, 2021Kern Knotts
The CrysalidE2 5c **5 Jul, 2021Kern Knotts
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