Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Lost Monolith6b+ *14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Flat World7a+ *14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Nice Face, Shame about the Ledge6b+ *14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Southern Man7a+ *14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Demolition Man7a **14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
An Ancient Rhythm6c **14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Poisonality7a *14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Litany Against Fear6c **14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Private Prosecution6c ***14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Run For Your Wife6c+ **14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Legal Action6c **14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Wave of Mutilation7a *14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Bloodguard6c+ 14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Rain Dance6c **14/Aug/07Horseshoe Quarry
Hyper-Tension6c+ **14/Aug/07Trow Gill
Consenting Adults7a **14/Aug/07Malham Cove
Comedy7c ***14/Aug/07Kilnsey