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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
La Corva de la Felicitat7c ***03/Feb/13Margalef
Aegialis7c ***13/Jul/12Grande Grotta Area
The Quartz IcicleE2 5b ***27/Jun/12Gogarth North Stack...
Hell's WallE6 6c ***17/Jun/12Bowderstone Crag
Free and Even Easier7a+ **17/Jun/12Malham Cove
VulcanE4 6a ***13/May/12Craig Pant Ifan...
Marble StaircaseE4 5c **25/Apr/12Iron Crag
Haste Not DirectE2 5c **02/Mar/12White Ghyll
The MoonE3 5c ***22/Feb/12Gogarth South Stack
Fallen AngelE4 6a ***02/Feb/12Pavey Ark
Free and EasyE4 5c **25/Jul/10Armathwaite
The ExorcistE4 5c ***25/Jul/10Armathwaite
Phantom Zone7c ***10/Jul/10Chapel Head Scar
Eliminate girdleE1 5b **23/Jun/10Castle Rock of...
Poacher Right-HandE2 5b **17/Jun/10Gimmer Crag
Mother CourageE4 6a ***16/May/10Pavey Ark
Memory LaneE3 5c **10/May/10Dinas Cromlech
DobermanE3 6a *24/Apr/10Black Crag (Wrynose)
Lost ColoniesE3 6a **19/Apr/10High Crag
HolocaustE4 6a ***08/Apr/10Dow Crag
Side WalkE2 5b ***08/Apr/10Dow Crag
AbraxasE3 5c **08/Apr/10Dow Crag
Two GroovesIV 6 **12/Jan/10Brown Cove Crags
Grey PantherE1 5b ***25/Oct/09Kilt Rock, Staffin
Electric Warrior7b ***17/Oct/09Chapel Head Scar