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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Bernia Ridge4c ***18/SepBernia
Idiot Village6a+ *18/SepWinspit
Flux Capacitor5c *18/SepWinspit
Autumn Leaves5c *18/SepWinspit
Post-coital Snooze6a+ *18/SepWinspit
Iron Bar5a *18/SepWinspit
Bread Knife4a *18/SepWinspit
Think About It6a+ *18/SepWinspit
Warm Love6a *18/SepWinspit
Unseen Ripples of the Pebble6a+ **18/SepWinspit
Resin Devotion6a *18/SepWinspit
Know What I Mean Pal6a *18/SepWinspit
Stargazy6a+ *18/SepWinspit
Mackerel5a **18/SepWinspit
Plaice a Bolt5a *18/SepWinspit
Fishy Business5c *18/SepWinspit
So Naughty5a *18/SepWinspit
Batt CrackVS 4c **18/SepGuillemot Ledge
Ledgend DirectHVS 5a **18/SepGuillemot Ledge
Valkyrie Buttress DirectHVS 5a **18/SepGuillemot Ledge
RobudHVS 5a *18/SepGuillemot Ledge
True IdentityHVS 5a **18/SepGuillemot Ledge
Nine Years Absence6a *18/SepWinspit
Stone Mason6a+ **18/SepWinspit
Voie CalineAD- 3c **21/JunLes Mottets