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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Buckle's SisterHVD 4a *31 Dec, 2020Curbar Edge
Green CrackVS 4c *19 Dec, 2020Stanage Popular
Grooved ArĂȘteVS 4c *11 Dec, 2020Curbar Edge
Silent Front6a 23 Oct, 2020Goddard's Quarry
Act Natural6a 22 Oct, 2020Goddard's Quarry
Friend 156a+ *17 Oct, 2020Smalldale Quarry
Apollo Creed6b ***8 Oct, 2020Harpur Hill Quarry
I'm in the Sin Bin6a *8 Oct, 2020Harpur Hill Quarry
Memories6a *3 Oct, 2020High Tor
Two Flat Whites6b *30 Sep, 2020Horseshoe Quarry
Bilberry ArĂȘteS 4a *25 Sep, 2020Burbage North
Road Runner5b *23 Sep, 2020Harpur Hill Quarry
Wile E Coyote6a **23 Sep, 2020Harpur Hill Quarry
Chee Tor GirdleVS 5a ***23 Sep, 2020Chee Dale Lower
Over the Ugg6a+ *23 Sep, 2020Chee Dale Upper
Ugg Boots5b *23 Sep, 2020Chee Dale Upper
The StalkVS 4c **23 Sep, 2020Chee Dale Upper
Whistling CrackVS 4b *23 Sep, 2020Chee Dale Upper
The Plea6a+ *23 Sep, 2020Chee Dale Upper
Max Pact Indirect6a+ *23 Sep, 2020Chee Dale Upper
Modem6a *23 Sep, 2020Chee Dale Upper
Voices6a+ *10 Sep, 2020Stoney West
Two Thousand6a+ *10 Sep, 2020Stoney Middleton
Dapper Dan6a *2 Sep, 2020Horseshoe Quarry
Sir Pryze6a+ *2 Sep, 2020Horseshoe Quarry