Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Lucky Strike VS 4c *** Lead ??/10 Pass of Ballater
Lucky Strike VS 4c *** Lead ??/10 Pass of Ballater
Stiletto HS ** Lead ??/10 Clashrodney
The Hairline S Solo ??/10 Clashrodney
The Bridge - Right Hand Variation HVS 5a 2nd ??/10 Meikle Partans
Ping Pong S 2nd ??/10 Pass of Ballater
Contact HS Lead ??/10 Meikle Partans
The Pobble VS 4b 2nd ??/10 Souter Head
Waves HS Lead ??/10 Deceptive Wall
Shag VS 4b Lead ??/10 Deceptive Wall
Lucky Strike VS 4c *** 2nd ??/10 Pass of Ballater
Brut VS 5a Lead ??/10 Pass of Ballater
Zombie S * 2nd ??/10 The Long Slough
Zeta VS 4b 2nd ??/10 The Long Slough
Twisted Crack HVS 5a * 2nd ??/10 The Long Slough
Stiletto HS ** Solo ??/10 Clashrodney
Glaswegian Snotter HS Lead ??/10 Clashrodney
Little Cenotaph HVS 5b ** Lead ??/10 Pass of Ballater
Schoolboy Alcoholic VS 4c * Lead ??/10 Clashrodney
Epistrophe VS 4c ** Lead ??/10 Meikle Partans