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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Blindfee 4a AltLd 04/Aug/10 Saasfelswand (Kapellenweg...
Saasfelswand 4a AltLd 04/Aug/10 Saasfelswand (Kapellenweg...
Coragio 5a AltLd 04/Aug/10 Saasfelswand (Kapellenweg...
Blindspot 4a AltLd 04/Aug/10 Saasfelswand (Kapellenweg...
Hillary 2 Step 5a AltLd 04/Aug/10 Saasfelswand (Kapellenweg...
Picadilly 5a AltLd 04/Aug/10 Saasfelswand (Kapellenweg...
Mango Rib VD Solo 03/May/08 Kingussie Crag
Beg To Differ 5c 2nd 09/Jun/07 Benny Beg
Lady Willoughby 4a 2nd 09/Jun/07 Benny Beg
The Spanner 5a 2nd 09/Jun/07 Benny Beg
Ally's in Wonderland 3+ Lead 09/Jun/07 Benny Beg
Beggar's Belief 4a Lead 09/Jun/07 Benny Beg
Bill and Benny the Flower Pot Men 3 Lead 09/Jun/07 Benny Beg
Amen Corner D * Lead 26/May/07 Graymare Slabs
Straight-no-Chaser S * 2nd 26/May/07 Graymare Slabs
Ostrichism D * 2nd 26/May/07 Graymare Slabs
Bladder Wrack S 4b 2nd 21/Apr/07 Logie Head
Mousehole S 4b Lead 21/Apr/07 Logie Head
Jug Wall D * Lead 07/Apr/07 Meikle Partans
Ornithology D ** Lead 07/Apr/07 Graymare Slabs
Amen Corner D * Lead 07/Apr/07 Graymare Slabs
Le surplomb 5c *** Lead 01/Aug/06 Servoz
Le mur 5c ** Lead 01/Aug/06 Servoz
La variée 5b * Lead 01/Aug/06 Servoz
Passe à droite 5c ** Lead 01/Aug/06 Servoz