Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Pulpit HVD * 2nd O/S 26/Aug/12 Hound Tor
Mile End M * 2nd O/S 22/Aug/12 Pen Olver
Mambo Slab VD TR O/S 04/Aug/12 The Dewerstone
Agag's Slab D TR rpt 04/Aug/12 The Dewerstone
Paddy M ** TR O/S 28/Jul/12 Hound Tor
Agag's Slab D TR O/S 06/Jun/12 The Dewerstone
E13 M TR rpt 11/Mar/12 Leigh Tor
Living on a knife's edge M 2nd O/S 21/Jan/12 Leigh Tor
E13 M 2nd 21/Jan/12 Leigh Tor
Shallow Corner VD * 2nd 15/Jan/12 Sheeps Tor