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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Do you get Vouchers with This? 5c Lead 18/Sep Brean Down
Brean Dream 6a+ * Lead 18/Sep Brean Down
The Event Horizon 6a * Lead 17/Sep Gilwern
Under a blood red sky 5c * Lead 17/Sep Gilwern
The Golden Tower 6c * Lead 17/Sep Gilwern East
Technobrat 6a Lead 02/Sep Independence Quarry
The Last Bastion 6c * Lead 02/Sep Independence Quarry
Top Rankin 6b * Lead 02/Sep Independence Quarry
Microwaves 6c * Lead 26/Aug Gilwern East
Black Night's Rein 6a ** Lead 26/Aug Gilwern East
Brittle Biscuit 4c * Lead 26/Aug Gilwern
To Dai or not to Dai 5c * Lead 26/Aug Gilwern
Take me up the Hindu Kush 5c * Lead 26/Aug Gilwern
Back, crack and sack 5a * Lead 26/Aug Gilwern
The Road to Nowhere 5a Lead 26/Aug Gilwern
Another Roadside Attraction 6a * Lead 12/Aug Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Big Take Out 6a * Lead 12/Aug Intake Quarry
Prawn Crackers 6c * Lead 12/Aug Intake Quarry
Unholy Alliance 6a+ * Lead 17/Jul Foxhole
Basil Brush 4c * Lead 17/Jul Foxhole
Pinch A Minch 5c * Lead 17/Jul Minchen Hole
Gary's Talking Climbs 6b * Lead 17/Jul Minchen Hole
Pump And Dump 6a+ Lead 16/Jul Morfa Bychan
Bull Market 6a Lead 16/Jul Morfa Bychan
Heading South 5c * Lead 16/Jul Morfa Bychan