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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
King of the Swingers f7B+ ** Sent 20/Nov Lakeside Boulders
Black Snake Moan 8a ** Lead 09/Nov Brean Down
Chepito 7a ** Lead 09/Nov Brean Down
Me No Stereotype 7c Lead 04/Nov Cheddar Gorge North
Fornicator Simulator 8a ** Lead 04/Nov Cheddar Gorge South
Star Spangled Banner 7b+ *** Lead 04/Nov Cheddar Gorge South
Return of the Gunfighter 7c *** Lead 02/Nov Cheddar Gorge South
Der PlappenKaffer Van Traal 8a *** Lead 22/Oct Olympos
Bistromatic 7a ** Lead 22/Oct Olympos
Köy Rock 7c *** Lead 22/Oct Olympos
Bad Karma 7b *** Lead 22/Oct Olympos
Fade to Black 7a *** Lead 21/Oct Olympos
Pegasus 6b ** Lead 21/Oct Olympos
Zebani 4a Lead 21/Oct Olympos
Bloody 6b+ Lead 19/Oct Olympos
Das Kapital 7b+ *** Lead 19/Oct Olympos
Herkul 7b *** Lead 19/Oct Olympos
Bellerofonte 7a ** Lead 19/Oct Olympos
Into Deep 7a+ ** Lead 19/Oct Olympos
Ela 7b *** Lead 19/Oct Olympos
Cennet Cehennem 7a *** Lead 19/Oct Olympos
Altan Yumurtlayan Tavuk 8a Lead 18/Oct Olympos
Bad Karma 7b *** Lead β 18/Oct Olympos
This World Is Spinning Without Me 7c+ *** Lead 16/Oct Olympos
Çiçek Çocuk 6c ** Lead 16/Oct Olympos