Name Grade Style Date Crag name
The Rotten Corner HS 4b Lead O/S 06/May/13 Wyndcliff Quarry
Silver-tongued Cavalier 6a+ TR dog 06/May/13 Wyndcliff Quarry
Little Slit VS 4c Lead 14/May/12 Wyndcliff Quarry
The Banana Splits 4a Lead 14/May/12 Wyndcliff Quarry
Bananarama 5a Lead 14/May/12 Wyndcliff Quarry
Moth HS 4b * TR 12/May/12 Wintour's Leap
Butterfly VS 4c * TR 12/May/12 Wintour's Leap
Gibbon HS 4b Lead O/S 31/Mar/12 Symonds Yat
Garlic D Solo O/S 31/Mar/12 Symonds Yat
Gonna Write a Classic HVS 5b * TR O/S 06/Jun/11 Ban-y-gor
Peter VS 4b Lead O/S 06/Jun/11 Ban-y-gor
Mammoth VS 4c TR O/S 06/Jun/11 Ban-y-gor
Phallus Impudicus S 4b TR O/S 06/Jun/11 Ban-y-gor
Sagitta S 4b Lead O/S 04/Jun/11 Symonds Yat
Rhubarb HS 4b * TR O/S 04/Jun/11 Symonds Yat
Moss Wall HS 4b TR O/S 04/Jun/11 Symonds Yat
Julep S 2nd O/S 04/Jun/11 Symonds Yat
Central Route VD Lead O/S 04/Jun/11 Symonds Yat