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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Sully Bully V0+ - 14/Jan Sully Island
Sully Buggers V1 * - 14/Jan Sully Island
Sully View Slab f5 ** - 14/Jan Sully Island
Sully Arete V0- - 14/Jan Sully Island
Silures Saltant Sobri Nec f5+ * - 14/Jan Sully Island
Veni, Vidi, Recessi 7a+ * - 14/Jan Sully Island
What's Weetabix in Latin? V0 - 14/Jan Sully Island
Ad Hiberniam Mihi Venendum f5+ - 14/Jan Sully Island
Ad Hiberniam Non Veniam f6A * - 14/Jan Sully Island
Bumcrack Pigeon f6C - 09/Dec/16 Demonsdale
Party in the Dark f5+ - 12/Nov/16 The C
Grady's Ghost f6A - 05/Nov/16 Crag S
All Work and No Play f4 - 05/Nov/16 Crag S
Torrance f5 - 05/Nov/16 Crag S
Masquerade f5 - 05/Nov/16 Crag S
Amber Rambler f5 - 05/Nov/16 The P
Yeast of Eden f4 - 05/Nov/16 The P
Night of the Living Bread f4 - 05/Nov/16 The P
The Pretender f7A - 05/Nov/16 The P
Room 217 f4+ - 25/Oct/16 Crag S
Scatman f5 - 25/Oct/16 Crag S
From the Ritz to the Rubble f7A - 25/Oct/16 A Darley Dale Quarry
REDRUM f6B - 25/Oct/16 Crag S
Here's Johnny f6B - 25/Oct/16 Crag S
Resting Chicken Chaser f6A - 22/Oct/16 Fox Block