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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Kiss my A55 Slab (original eliminate) 7a Lead rpt 10/Aug Penmaenbach Quarry
Champagne Supernova 7b ** Lead RP 03/Jul Twll Mawr
Hobbits, Ladders and Tunnels XS *** - 05/May Twll Mawr
Island of Stability 6c ** 2nd O/S 25/Aug/16 Twll Mawr
The Desolation of Smaug! 6c ** AltLd rpt 29/Sep/15 Twll Mawr
Tân y Ddraig 7a ** Lead RP 04/May/15 Twll Mawr
Supermassive Black Hole 7a *** Lead rpt 10/Apr/15 Twll Mawr
Black Hole of Calcutta 7a * Lead RP 15/Mar/15 Twll Mawr
The Ceaseless Roar 7a+ * Lead RP 30/Nov/14 Fedw Fawr
SiCO4 7b * Lead RP 16/Nov/14 Fedw Fawr
Plastic Soldier 6a ** - 13/Aug/14 Australia
Let Yourself Go! 7a * Lead rpt 15/Jul/14 Never Never Land
Senza Nome (Route 12) 7a * Lead O/S 21/May/14 Cala Cartoe
The Desolation of Smaug! 6c ** AltLd RP 25/Apr/14 Twll Mawr
Remembrance Day 5.12a ** Lead rpt 04/Aug/13 Malamute
Remembrance Day 5.12a ** Lead O/S 26/Jul/13 Malamute
Scheherezade E4 6b ** Lead rpt 17/Jul/13 Never Never Land
Boulevard of Broken Dreams 7a+ * Lead RP 16/Jul/13 Australia
Let Yourself Go! 7a * Lead RP 09/Jul/13 Never Never Land
Dark Side of the Moon 7b * Lead RP 04/Jul/13 Twll Mawr
Carpe Diem 7a+ ** - 25/Jun/13 Hodge Close Quarry
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun 7a * Lead RP 18/Jun/13 Twll Mawr
Tricky Dickie 7a Lead rpt 26/May/13 Penmaenbach Quarry
Plexiglass 7b ** Lead O/S 21/May/13 Auzat
Pocopoco 7a Lead O/S ?/Nov/12 Cattedrale Nel Deserto