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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Send In The Specials 6a+ 2nd 14/Jul/13 Gelli
One In Her Eye 6b+ * 2nd 14/Jul/13 Gelli
Ice Station Gelli 6a+ * 2nd 14/Jul/13 Gelli
Gilding The Lily 6a * 2nd 14/Jul/13 Gelli
Unearthed HS 4b Lead 14/Jul/13 Gelli
A Little Something I Prepared Earlier 6b ** 2nd 14/Jul/13 Gelli
Hoarse Whisperer 6b * 2nd 14/Jul/13 Gelli
Stubborn As A Mule 5a Lead 14/Jul/13 Gelli
Working To A Budget 4c Lead 14/Jul/13 Gelli
Down Under 4c * Lead 14/Jul/13 Gelli
Galvinised 6a+ ** Lead 14/Jul/13 Gelli
Crack me up 4a Lead 09/Jun/13 Gilwern
A paddock full of ponies 5c Lead 09/Jun/13 Gilwern
Whatever floats your boat 6a Lead 09/Jun/13 Gilwern
Christian broke my flake 6a+ ** 2nd O/S 09/Jun/13 Gilwern
Flow Job 6b ** Lead dog 09/Jun/13 Gilwern
La Poire 6b 2nd O/S 09/Jun/13 Gilwern
Fruitless Pair 6b+ 2nd O/S 09/Jun/13 Gilwern
Wayne fell in do do 4a Lead O/S 09/Jun/13 Gilwern
Yar! 5a Lead O/S 02/Jun/13 Taff's Well
Sharktopus Vs Megapotamus 4c * Lead O/S 02/Jun/13 Taff's Well
Kiss the Gunner's Daughter 5c * Lead O/S 02/Jun/13 Taff's Well
Poppin' in the Poop Deck 5c * Lead O/S 02/Jun/13 Taff's Well
Disaster Area HVS 5a * Lead O/S 09/Sep/12 Goblin Combe
Treebeard VS 4c * 2nd O/S 09/Sep/12 Goblin Combe