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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
The Line f7A * Sent x 15/Oct Rowtor Rocks
Cute Bum f6C * Sent O/S 15/Oct Rowtor Rocks
Domes Sit-Start V9 *** Sent x 15/Oct Rowtor Rocks
Magnum Eliminate f7C+ Sent x 07/May Anston Stones Wood
Born into struggle f7B+ *** Sent 23/Aug/16 Rocklands
Shift Horizons f7B+ *** Sent x 23/Aug/16 Rocklands
The Golden Child f6B Sent O/S 22/Aug/16 Rocklands
Campari f6B Sent O/S 20/Aug/16 Rocklands
Arch Babysitter f7A+ ** Sent O/S 20/Aug/16 Rocklands
Durka, Durka, Wildebeest f7A * Sent rpt 16/Aug/16 Rocklands
Tis is Africa f7B+ Sent x 16/Aug/16 Rocklands
V6 Traverse f7A *** Sent 19/Jun/16 Langdale Boulders
Blow Yer Ballast f6A * Sent 18/Jun/16 Kentmere Boulders
Middle Earth f7B+ * Sent 18/Jun/16 Kentmere Boulders
Weichei f7C+ Sent 25/May/16 Rocklands
Slave Battle f6C ** Sent β ??/16 Rocklands
Buy Buy f6B+ * Sent O/S 22/Nov/15 Curbar Edge
Strawberries f6B ** Sent rpt 22/Nov/15 Curbar Edge
Soft on the G f7B *** Sent rpt 21/Nov/15 Gardoms Edge
The Ultimate Gritstone Experience f6C *** Sent O/S 01/Nov/15 Curbar Edge
Trackside f7A *** Sent β 01/Nov/15 Curbar Edge
Detox V11 ** Sent x 01/Nov/15 Curbar Edge
Spring Slab f7A ** Sent O/S 25/Oct/15 Roaches Lower Tier
C3PO f7A+ ** Sent x 25/Oct/15 Roaches Lower Tier
Huffy's Roof f7C+ ** Sent x 11/Oct/15 Curbar Edge