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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Terror f6A ** Sent 01/May Craigmore
Terror Left f4+ Sent 01/May Craigmore
Harmless f6A * Sent 01/May Craigmore
Grooved arete f4 Sent 01/May Craigmore
Silver Arete f3+ Sent 01/May Craigmore
Tanktop f5+ Sent 01/May Craigmore
Polover f6A+ * Sent 01/May Craigmore
Polo f5+ Sent 01/May Craigmore
Plinth Left Arete f5 - 22/Apr Craigmaddie
Plinth Arete Eliminate f6A Sent 22/Apr Craigmaddie
Clubfoot Direct f6A * Sent ?/Apr Craigmore
Clubfoot left f5 Sent ?/Apr Craigmore
Anemone Sit Start f6B ** Sent 02/Jan Stronachlachlar
Joshua Tree f5+ * - 04/Dec/16 Craigmaddie
Tom and Jerry Sit Start Bloc f6A * - 20/Oct/16 Craigmore
Tom and Jerry Bloc f5+ * Sent 20/Oct/16 Craigmore
Shothole SS f6A+ - 04/Jun/16 Dumbarton Rock
Mexican Neck-Tie f6B ** - 13/May/16 Cochno Stones/Auchnacraig
Left Wall f2+ * Sent 13/May/16 Cochno Stones/Auchnacraig
Buckie and Boiled Eggs f6B+ * - 10/May/16 Cochno Stones/Auchnacraig
Warren Buffet f5+ Sent 10/May/16 Cochno Stones/Auchnacraig
Marksman f6A * Sent 06/May/16 Kennedy Boulder
Crossfire f6A Sent 06/May/16 Kennedy Boulder
C.I.A. Groove f3+ * Sent 06/May/16 Kennedy Boulder
Old Faithful f5 * Sent 04/May/16 Dumbarton Rock