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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Case Adjourned 7a ** Lead dog 01/May Chee Dale Upper
Open Gate 7a+ *** Lead RP 01/May Chee Dale Upper
Angel Delight 7a+ ** Lead RP 22/Apr Troller's Gill
Supertramp 7a *** Lead RP 08/Apr Tirpentwys
Flow Job 6b ** Lead β 07/Apr Gilwern
Desequilibrio ganso 7a ** Lead O/S 20/Nov/16 Arico - Upper Gorge
The Hooker 7a ** Lead RP 26/Aug/16 Foxhole
Kissin' the Pink 6c *** Lead O/S 26/Aug/16 Oxwich Bay Quarry
Blockiness 6c+ *** Lead dog 26/Aug/16 Rhossili Bay
Triple Sigh 6b+ * Lead O/S 26/Aug/16 Minchen Hole
Tribulations 7a * Lead RP 26/Aug/16 Trial Wall Area
The Raven 7a+ *** Lead RP 26/Aug/16 Minchen Hole
Fuck Your Gods 7a * Lead dog 17/Aug/16 Masson Lees Quarry
Cattle Mutilation Expedition 6c+ * Lead β 17/Aug/16 Masson Lees Quarry
In the Pocket 6c+ * Lead β 17/Aug/16 Masson Lees Quarry
Open Season 6a+ ** Lead O/S 05/Aug/16 Smalldale Quarry
Shame on You 6a+ * Lead O/S 05/Aug/16 Smalldale Quarry
Lost Contact 7a+ ** Lead RP 05/Aug/16 Smalldale Quarry
Shattered Air 6b+ Lead O/S 03/Aug/16 Lorry Park Quarry
Brennpunkt 7a+ Lead dog 10/Jul/16 Algersdorfer Wand
Streiflicht 6a+ Lead β 10/Jul/16 Algersdorfer Wand
Ronja 6a+ Lead O/S 09/Jul/16 Diebesloch (upper)
Beavis and Butthead 7b *** Lead dog 09/Jul/16 Diebesloch (upper)
Kampfei 7a * Lead β 09/Jul/16 Diebesloch (upper)
Quergang 6b+ ** Lead β 09/Jul/16 Diebesloch (upper)