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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Combat Plumber 7a ** Lead 29/Aug Chapel Head Scar
Blue Movies 7b Lead RP 26/May Giggleswick North
Shooting the Load 7a * Lead RP 15/Oct/16 Humphrey Head
Intergrali 7a * Lead RP 01/Oct/16 Mill Side Scar (Millside Scar)
Countach 7b ** Lead RP 24/Sep/16 Mill Side Scar (Millside Scar)
Ivy League 7a+ ** Lead RP 17/Sep/16 Scout Scar
Beers for Fears 7a+ * Lead RP 13/Sep/16 Scout Scar
Minor Influx 7b * Lead RP 07/Aug/16 Langcliffe Quarry
In the Line of Duty 7b * Lead RP 31/Jul/16 Langcliffe Quarry
Crimes of Passion 7a ** Lead RP 30/Jul/16 Scout Scar
Idle Times 7a * Lead RP 23/Jul/16 Scout Scar
Grave New World 7a+ * Lead RP 23/Jul/16 Scout Scar
Tangled up in Glue 7a * Lead 18/Jun/16 Robin Proctor's Scar
Open for Business 7a ** Lead rpt 28/May/16 Trow Gill
Flights of Fancy 7a+ * Lead RP 09/Apr/16 Giggleswick North
Big Mouth Strikes Again 7a * - 23/Jan/16 Dinbren Crags
Resin 8 7a *** Lead 26/Sep/15 Foredale Quarry
Bram Crag Wall 7a ** Lead 13/Sep/15 Bramcrag Quarry
Arc en Ciel 7a ** - 08/Sep/15 Knipe Scar (Gate Cote Scar)
A matter of degrees 7a *** Lead 29/Aug/15 Knipe Scar (Gate Cote Scar)
D'Action Super Direct 7a+ ** Lead RP 08/Aug/15 Langcliffe Quarry
Firebird 7a+ * Lead RP 25/Jul/15 Mill Side Scar (Millside Scar)
The Return of the Native 7a+ * Lead 18/Jul/15 Moughton Nab
Constabulary Duty 7a *** Lead RP 17/Jul/15 Langcliffe Quarry
Un Christened 7a *** Lead 11/Jul/15 Langcliffe Quarry