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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Nereidi V+ AltLd O/S 09/May San Paolo (Arco)
Tac 5a Lead O/S 08/May Massone
Banane Fisch 5a Lead O/S 08/May Massone
Formica Lodovica 5a Lead O/S 08/May Massone
Crunchie Nuggets 16 2nd 01/Jan Mt. Somers
The Staircase 17 * Lead 01/Jan Mt. Somers
Weta Waltz 15 2nd 01/Jan Mt. Somers
Cry me a river 16 2nd O/S 25/Dec/16 Sebastapol Bluffs
Back in the in the U.S.S.R 14 AltLd O/S 25/Dec/16 Sebastapol Bluffs
Charge of the light brigade 19 * Lead O/S 25/Dec/16 Sebastapol Bluffs
The Fat Lady Sings at the Circus 16 *** AltLd 23/Dec/16 The Remarkables
Nicked Extension 17 AltLd O/S 21/Dec/16 Sebastapol Bluffs
Lunar Tick 19 * 2nd O/S 21/Dec/16 Sebastapol Bluffs
Javelin 17 (5a) ** Lead O/S 21/Dec/16 Sebastapol Bluffs
Shimmering Jelly 20 ** 2nd dog 11/Dec/16 Cattlestop
Rogue Rat 16 * Lead O/S 11/Dec/16 Cattlestop
70 Cents Worth 19 * Lead O/S 11/Dec/16 Cattlestop
Tall Order 18 AltLd O/S 07/Nov/16 Mt. Somers
Twin Cracks 17 (5a) * Lead O/S 06/Nov/16 Sebastapol Bluffs
Beef Flavoured Sausages 13 * 2nd O/S 06/Nov/16 Mt. Somers
Saveloy Heaven 14 2nd O/S 06/Nov/16 Mt. Somers
Frankfurter Duet 14 * Lead O/S 06/Nov/16 Mt. Somers
House of Fire 15 4c - 03/Nov/16 Spur road
Racing in the Streets 16 * Lead rpt 10/Jul/16 Charleston
Lonely on the lead 17 ** Lead rpt 10/Jul/16 Charleston