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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Wow Prow f7B *** Sent x 14/Jul Lulworth
Left-hand Man f7A *** Sent x 14/Jul Lulworth
The Dragon f7A+ *** Sent β 14/Jul Lulworth
Black Tufa f7B Sent x 07/Jul Anston Stones Wood
Beta Blocker f7A * Sent β 07/Jul Anston Stones Wood
Alpha f7B ** Sent x 07/Jul Anston Stones Wood
Electric copper f8A Sent x 26/Jun Rocklands
Ron Ron (Stand) f7A ** Sent β 24/Jun Rocklands
Ron Ron et Caramel f7C+ ** Sent 24/Jun Rocklands
Bols Island f7A ** Sent O/S 23/Jun Rocklands
Sandra Storm f6C+ * Sent x 23/Jun Rocklands
Maties f7A ** Sent x 22/Jun Rocklands
Stalker on the Horizon f7C * Sent x 21/Jun Rocklands
Un pincon d'herbes arete f6C+ ** Sent O/S 21/Jun Rocklands
Tiger Claw f6C *** Sent O/S 21/Jun Rocklands
The Rhino f7B+ Sent x 21/Jun Rocklands
Mountain Goat V6 Sent β 20/Jun Rocklands
Buff the banana f7A * Sent β 19/Jun Rocklands
Minky f7B ** Sent 19/Jun Rocklands
Poison Dwarf f7B Sent x 19/Jun Rocklands
Casper f6A+ * Sent O/S 18/Jun Rocklands
Gadget f6A Sent O/S 18/Jun Rocklands
Teapot f6C+ Sent O/S 18/Jun Rocklands
Sunset Arete f7C Sent x 18/Jun Rocklands
Sunset Traverse f7A *** Sent O/S 18/Jun Rocklands