Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Night of the Hot Pies E1 5b ** - 28/Jun/14 Cathedral Quarry/Black Hole
Through the Looking Glass E2 5c ** - 28/Jun/14 Hodge Close Quarry
Bow-Shaped Corner HS 4b *** - 04/May/14 Flimston Bay
Bow-Shaped Slab HS 4a *** - 04/May/14 Flimston Bay
Rock Idol E1 5a *** - 04/May/14 Mother Carey's Kitchen
Manzoku E1 5b *** - 04/May/14 Stennis Head
Cool for Cats E1 5b *** - 04/May/14 Stennis Head
Lucky Strike E1 5b *** - 04/May/14 Rusty Walls
Lord Falmouth E1 5b * - 29/May/11 Roche Rock