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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
The Flake 5.7 ** TR 01/May/16 Otter Clff
A Dare By The Sea 5.10b *** TR 01/May/16 Otter Clff
Yellow Wall 5.8 ** TR 01/May/16 Otter Clff
Guillemot Crack 5.6 - 01/May/16 Otter Clff
The Great Chimney 5.5 - 01/May/16 Otter Clff
Child's Play 5.5 - 01/May/16 Otter Clff
Wonder Wall 5.6 - 01/May/16 Otter Clff
In the Groove 5.4 - 01/May/16 Otter Clff
Pamola Four 5.6 ** - 20/Jul/15 Mount Katahdin
The Flatiron 5.9 *** - 20/Jul/15 Mount Katahdin
The Chimney 5.5 - 20/Jul/15 Mount Katahdin
The Knife Edge 2 ** - 20/Jul/15 Mount Katahdin
Brother Stair 5.9 Lead ?/Apr/14 Left Flank (RRG)
Mr. Bungle 5.8 ** Lead ?/Apr/14 Left Flank (RRG)
Face Up to That Crack 5.8 ** Lead ?/Apr/14 Left Flank (RRG)
Fast Food Christians 5.10a * Lead ?/Apr/14 Left Flank (RRG)
Low Exposure 5.8 Lead ?/Apr/14 Muir Valley
Sweet and Sour 5.5 Lead ?/Apr/14 Muir Valley
Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni 5.7 Lead ?/Apr/14 Muir Valley
BDSM 5.10b Lead ?/Apr/14 Muir Valley
Beta Spewer 5.10b ** Lead ?/Apr/14 Muir Valley
Short and Sweet 5.7 Lead ?/Apr/14 Muir Valley
Low Exposure 5.8 Lead ?/Apr/14 Muir Valley
Shawty 5.8 Lead ?/Apr/14 Muir Valley
Slabalito 5.7 Lead ?/Apr/14 Muir Valley