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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Steam Punk 18 * Lead 28/Oct/17 Castledowns
Kingston Flyer 19 ** Lead 28/Oct/17 Castledowns
Never Say Nevis Again 16 * Lead 28/Oct/17 Castledowns
Virility of Toto 19 * Lead 22/Oct/17 Arawata Terrace
Wobbly Bits 17 * Lead 22/Oct/17 Arawata Terrace
The Quest 14 * - 21/Oct/17 Wye Creek
Twelve 17 ** Lead 21/Oct/17 Wye Creek
The Mission 16 *** Lead 21/Oct/17 Wye Creek
Te Koha 17 Lead 21/Oct/17 Wye Creek
Priapism 17 * Lead 20/Oct/17 Arawata Terrace
Joan's Amazing Cooking 16 * 2nd 20/Oct/17 Arawata Terrace
Pinocchio 6a+ * TR 20/Aug/17 Oberried
La Bourn 6a+ * Lead 20/Aug/17 Oberried
Mondbar 5a * Lead 20/Aug/17 Oberried
Sandmann 6a+ * Lead 20/Aug/17 Oberried
Wasserklang 5b ** Lead 20/Aug/17 Oberried
Mr. Bean 5b ** Lead 18/Aug/17 Engelswand
Minidream 5b *** Lead 18/Aug/17 Engelswand
Fräulein Fingerwickler 5a ** Lead 18/Aug/17 Engelswand
Kichererbsen 5a ** Lead 18/Aug/17 Engelswand
It's your time 6a *** Lead 18/Aug/17 Engelswand
Traumtänzer 6a ** Lead 18/Aug/17 Engelswand
Cafe Lila 5c Lead 17/Aug/17 Chinesische Mauer
Tai Gin Seng Short 5c Lead 17/Aug/17 Chinesische Mauer
Lolita Links 6a ** Lead 17/Aug/17 Chinesische Mauer