Name Grade Style Date Crag name
The End of the Affair E8 6c *** Lead RP ??/06 Curbar Edge
Make it Snappy E6 6b *** Lead RP ??/04 Gardoms Edge
The Bad and the Beautiful E6 6c *** Solo RP ??/04 Millstone Edge
Desolation Angel E6 6b *** Lead RP ??/04 Wharncliffe Crags
Recurring Nightmare E5 6b * Solo O/S ??/03 Burbage South Edge
Life Assurance E6 6b ** Lead RP ??/02 Burbage South Edge
Jasmine E6 6b ** Solo RP ??/02 Bamford Edge
Nosferatu E6 6b *** Lead RP ??/02 Burbage South Edge
The Blood on the Shamrock E6 6a *** Lead O/S 19/May/01 Hawkcliffe
Ginny Greenteeth E6 6a *** Lead O/S 19/May/01 Hawkcliffe
Pigeon E6 6b Lead RP 19/May/01 Hawkcliffe
To Be Is Not to Bolt E7 6b Lead RP ??/00 Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Master's Edge E7 6c *** Lead RP ??/99 Millstone Edge
Never, Never Land E7 6b *** Lead RP ??/99 Ramshaw Rocks
Edge Lane E5 5c *** Lead O/S ??/98 Millstone Edge
Piece of Mind E6 6b *** Lead RP ??/96 Roaches Lower Tier
Mean Streak E6 6b * Lead O/S ??/96 Froggatt Edge
Pebble Mill E5 6b *** Lead O/S ?/Jun/95 Burbage South Edge
Entropy's Jaw E5 6b *** Solo RP ??/95 Roaches Skyline
The Snivelling Shit E5 6a ** Solo O/S ??/95 Millstone Edge
Velvet Silence f7A+ *** Solo O/S ??/95 Black Rocks
Thin Air E5 6a *** Solo G/U ??/92 Roaches Lower Tier
Nature Trail E5 6b * Lead G/U ??/92 Roaches Skyline