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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Maybe When Eli’s Older f7C Sent x 8 Sep Bowles Rocks
Goat Rage f7C+ *** Sent x 23 Jul Eridge Green Rocks
Lager Frenzy 7c 6c * TR RP 14 Jul Harrison's Rocks
Twisted Vegas f7B ** Sent x 11 Jul Bowles Rocks
Brutus - Maximus f8A Sent x 5 Jul Eridge Green Rocks
The Read Line f7C ** Sent x 1 Jul Eridge Green Rocks
Brutus f7C+ Sent x 26 Jun Eridge Green Rocks
The phantom shitter strikes again f7B+ ** Sent x 17 Jun Eridge Green Rocks
Welcome to Tijuana f7C *** Sent x 1 Jun Apremont
Symbiose-Gauche f7C+ Sent x 28 May 95.2
Symbiose f7C ** Sent x 28 May 95.2
The Only Way is A6 f7C+ ** Sent x 24 May Lees Bottom
Far From The Madding Crowd f7C+ ** Sent x 24 May Lees Bottom
Mutton Busting f8A+ ** Sent x 21 May Blackwell Dale
Lovine f7C * Sent x 19 May Blackwell Dale
Ovine Low Left f7C ** Sent x 16 May Blackwell Dale
Powerband f7C *** Sent x 14 May Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Low Rider f7C+ *** Sent x 12 May Stanage North
Undercuts to Crimp Problem f7B+ * Sent x 8 May Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Powerhumps (hard way) f7B+ * Sent x 6 May Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Bovine f7B Sent x 14 Apr Blackwell Dale
Girl Band f7C Sent x 12 Apr Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
The Prow V9 ** Sent x 31 Mar Carrock Fell crag
Unfinished Opera f7B+ Sent x 30 Mar The Bowderstone
Picnic Sarcastic LH (ss) f7C * Sent x 30 Mar The Bowderstone