Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Liars Dice S * - ?/May/08 Hound Tor
Pulpit HVD * - ?/May/08 Hound Tor
Suspension Flake VS 4c *** - ?/May/08 Hound Tor
Median HVS 5a * - ?/Sep/07 Meadfoot Quarry
Diamond Rib HS 4a * - ?/Sep/07 Meadfoot Quarry
Dandelion S 4a * - ?/Aug/07 Sheeps Tor
Overhang Crack S 4a * - ?/Aug/07 Sheeps Tor
Omega Crack HVD * - ?/Aug/07 Sheeps Tor
Mushroom Wall VS 5a * - ?/Aug/07 Sheeps Tor
Crack & Chimney S 4a ** - ?/Aug/07 Sheeps Tor
Colonel's Arete VD ** Lead ?/Aug/07 The Dewerstone
Mucky Gully D ** Lead ?/Aug/07 The Dewerstone
Holly Tree Wall Direct HVS 5a Lead ?/Aug/07 The Dewerstone
Caesar's Nose S 4a Lead ?/Aug/07 The Dewerstone
Agag's Slab D Lead ?/Aug/07 The Dewerstone
Black Jack S - ?/Jun/07 Sennen
Banana Flake VD ** - ?/Jun/07 Sennen
Wogs HVD *** Lead ?/Jun/07 Chudleigh Rocks
Tar Baby S 4a Lead ?/Jun/07 Chudleigh Rocks