Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Bull rider 7a ** Lead β 09/Nov/09 Alliat
Bébé run 6c ** Lead β 09/Nov/09 Alliat
Dragon Ball 6c+ * Lead β 09/Nov/09 Alliat
Le Mac et des fées 7a+ ** Lead β 03/Nov/09 Alliat
Liqueur de cailloux 6c+ ** Lead β 03/Nov/09 Alliat
Les visiteurs 6b ** Lead β 03/Nov/09 Alliat
Cathare 7a *** Lead O/S 03/Nov/09 Alliat
Aniakchak 7b+ ** Lead dog 02/Nov/09 Alliat
Mack in teuch 7a+ *** Lead O/S 02/Nov/09 Alliat
Prelude 6b+ ** Lead O/S 02/Nov/09 Alliat
Globe trotter 7b *** Lead dog 02/Nov/09 Alliat
Caramel 7a ** Lead dog 20/Oct/09 Alliat
Mémoire d'éléphant 7a+ *** Lead O/S 20/Oct/09 Alliat
Babel 6b+ ** Lead O/S 20/Oct/09 Alliat
Victims of Fashion 7a+ *** Lead O/S 21/Sep/09 Battleship Main
Halfway to Heaven 7b *** Lead O/S 13/Sep/09 Wallsend South