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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Suape 6b ** - 11/Oct/15 Siurana - Village
Tower of Power 7a S0 Solo β 05/Oct/12 Cala Barques
Chepito 7a ** Lead RP 07/Nov/10 Brean Down
Pearl Harbour 7a *** Lead RP 07/Nov/10 Brean Down
Whose Line Is It Anyway? 7a * Lead O/S 18/Sep/10 Cheddar Gorge North
All Hands to the Pump 7b * Lead β 15/Aug/10 Cheddar Gorge North
Animal Magnetism 7a+ *** Solo β 27/Jun/10 Lulworth
Horny Lil' Devil 7a *** Solo β 27/Jun/10 Lulworth
Haute Cuisine 7a ** Lead RP 24/Jun/10 The Cuttings
Demolition Man 7a ** Lead RP 20/Jun/10 Horseshoe Quarry
Space Tourist 6b+ ** AltLd O/S 17/Jun/10 Cheddar Gorge South
Spy in the Sky 7b ** Lead RP 17/Jun/10 Cheddar Gorge North
It's a Kind of Magic 7a+ *** Lead RP 16/Jun/10 Cheddar Gorge North
Skullduggery 7a+ Lead rpt 15/Jun/10 Cheddar Gorge North
Peppercorn Rate 7a ** Lead rpt 13/Jun/10 Winspit
Ancient Order of Freemarblers 7a ** Lead O/S 13/Jun/10 Winspit
Mr. Choo Choo 7a ** Lead RP 31/May/10 Dancing Ledge
The Mouth Waters 7a+ ** Lead RP 23/May/10 The Cuttings
Spanner Eyes 7b ** Lead RP 23/Apr/10 Blacknor North
England's Dreaming 7a+ *** Lead RP 19/Apr/10 Blacknor North
Wolfgang Forever 7a ** Lead RP 18/Apr/10 Blacknor North
Is Vic There? 7a ** Lead RP 18/Apr/10 Blacknor North
Infernal Din 7b+ *** Lead RP 18/Apr/10 The Cuttings
Live by the Sword 7a+ ** Lead RP 17/Apr/10 The Cuttings
The Vixen Bitch from Hell 7a+ * Lead dog 12/Apr/10 Winspit