Klem Loskot goes for "flying fingers" - Ramasuri and Fanatic Baby

Klem Loskot, who has done a few things - the occasional V14 boulder problem, an F9a here and there - has sent us some pictures about what he's been up to in the woods in Austria. He's just developed a 25-move boulder/sport route on the limestone there which he called Ramasuri; as well as that he also did a dyno route he called Fanatic Baby. (And why not?) Ramasuri, he says, "to be exact, it's a 24 move concert of flying fingers, swinging feet and squeezing stomach... named RAMASURI." Getting up it is (he says in the film we've seen) "like being beaten by ten guys with baseball bats.." He says it's two years since he felt like that. No, Klem, your private life is your own, really.

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