Crocker defies Friday 13th and Davy Jones's Locker - with F7b+ solo

Friday 13th turned out to be good luck rather than bad for Martin Crocker, famous for his sea cliff ascents. He made the first (and solo) ascent of what is probably the "biggest, highest, longest and - not least - scariest" overhanging cave in the UK, the 60-foot Davy Jones's Locker in Ogmore. Happily he did it clean on the first attempt - without a fall. The route named 'Supertitious' is graded at approx Fr7b+ (E7 6b). He warmed down (er..) the next day with another bold solo FA of the 1-in-2 overhanging roof on the left side of the cave to give 'No Faking It' Fr7b+ (E76b).

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