Talking Bullocks

Nick Bullock will be giving a lecture on 6 April at Leicester climbing wall (8pm). 'Talking Bullocks' will cover a range of climbs, including his recent "not quite to the top" route on Teng Kang Boche (Nepal) and his latest efforts in the Alps this winter, which culminated in a broken ankle and a helicopter ride off the Petit Jorasses. Bullock was attempting the 2nd ascent of 'Omega', a route first climbed at UIAA 6, A2/3 by Patrick Gabarrou and Feran Patrick Latore on the north west face in 1994. Climbing with Jon Bracey, the pair got to "within 100 metres" from the top, having climbed everything free (up ti VIII, 8) except for a couple of rest points to place gear. Whilst trying to campus around a rotten overhang on the 11th pitch, both axe placements ripped and Bullock fell, landing 10 metres below the belay and snapping his Medial Malleolus in 2 places.

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