Gunther Messner's body found on Nanga Parbat

The remains of Guenther Messner have been found on Nanga Parbat, 35 years after he was lost descending from a successful ascent of Nanga Parbat's Rupal Face with his brother, Reinhold Messner. This ascent was heralded as one of the boldest feats in mountaineering history at the time. A guide found the remains as much snow melted due to an intense heat wave in Pakistan. Reheinold, 59, well known as the first to climb all the world's 8000-metre peaks, identified his brothers shoes and jacket. Arguments raged between Messner and his fellow climbers, Max-Engelhardt von Kienlin and Hans Saler, on the expedition in 1970, as who was to blame for Guenther's demise which culminated in Kienlin and Saler publishing books which were highly critical of Reinhold Messner. In reply Messner has been involved with legal action against his fellow climbers. A detailed and interesting account can be found at Mount

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