Major Flood In Sheffield Causes Death, Chaos and Shuts the Foundry

A major flood in Sheffield on Monday, 25 June, caused extensive damage and death. The flood caused by an extraordinary amount of rain that fell over the course of the day killed at least three people. The flooding also brought traffic chaos, stranding people on highways and making parts of the city inaccessible to vehicles.

The month of June was one of the wettest on record and some areas received a month's worth of precipation in just 24 hours.

The Foundry Climbing Wall is closed until further notice. See this Premier Post for further here

Update:The Foundry has now re-opened.

The last major flood in Sheffield occured in 1864 and was known as the Great Inundation, it destroyed 800 houses, and killed 270 people and was caused when a newly-built dam, at Low Bradfield on the River Loxley, broke while it was being filled for the first time.

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