Gareth Parry Wins Nissan Outdoor Games

Gareth Parry came first in an invitational bouldering competition in Interlaken, Switzerland, at the Nissan Outdoor Games over the weekend of 28 June - 2 July.

These Games are described as, "A multi-sports event, the Outdoor Games feature the world's best athletes in 5 outdoor sports disciplines," and feature mountain-biking, (Dirt jump contest), kayaking, (Extreme slalom, Boater Cross, Team race), rock climbing, (IFSC Boulder Master, Swiss Championships), paragliding (Acro demos), and BASE jumping (Air show).

One of the most intriguing events is where teams of athletes joined by a pro-photographer, a pro-cameraman and a film editor make a 5 minute film and 20 still images with an adventure sports theme and then a winner is chosen.

The Swiss Romande team, 'Ephémère' (Ephemeral) won the film competition and Dom Daher the photo competition. You can read more about these events including a synopsis of the winning film that features, "a feminine silhouette standing out against the twilight appears between the trees. Dressed in white, light and graceful, she approaches an hourglass that possesses magical visions." You can read more and watch the films, the winning one features bouldering legend Fred Nicole as well as a woman in a nightie, at the Nissan Outdoor Games website.

In the IFSC Boulder Masters competition held at the Games a small pool of top climbers competed and Gareth Parry walked away with first place and 2,500 Swiss Francs. Gaz gives us a full run down with photos at

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