Dave MacLeod - A Muerte F9a

Dave MacLeod established his own Fr 8c+ this year, Ring of Steall and has now consolidated his sport climbing credentials with an ascent of A Muerte Fr 9a on Sector Campiqi-Pugi, Siurana in Spain.

This is the routes fifth ascent after being establised by the UK's Richard Simpson (UKC news report) who thought it "proper 9a" although repeat ascensionist, the USA's David Graham said, at the height of his downgrading period that, "Maybe its 8c+, but who knows."

MacLeod worked on A Muerte on an earlier trip to Spain, when he flashed his first Fr 8a. This trip as well as A Muerte, he has done Luxury Fr 8b+ and is making progress on Afrodita, a massive Fr 8c+, according to his blog (davemacleod.blogspot.com)

As has been mentioned on the UKClimbing.com thread this ascent puts MacLeod in a very unique club, perhaps with only one member. MacLeod has climbed trad headpoint E11 (an 8c+ R/X rated route), Sport 9a, established the world's first grade XI winter route, done M12 tooling, soloed Fr 8b and bouldered Font 8b........and yes, he has done lots on grit!

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28 Nov, 2007
Good work fella I say. And I wish I was at Piqui Pugui too ;-)
28 Nov, 2007
Yeah Loads....
28 Nov, 2007
28 Nov, 2007
Superb, nice one Dave.
28 Nov, 2007
Not sure which grade is confirmed, it's taken from Scottish Climbs. I think it's News, as although lot's of people have maybe climbed 9a, have many of them also climbed: E11, Font 8b+, Winter X etc
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