Mordor, 8c+/9a by Stewart Watson

Stewart Watson has repeated Markus Haid's Mordor, 8c+/9a, at Niederthai, Austria. On his blog he says: "I literally can't express how I'm feeling right now. I first tried Mordor (8c+/9a) a few years ago and made really fast progress. The route took alot longer than expected and nothing has ever pushed me through so many physical and emotional barriers. I can't actually believe that I have done it and this epic is finally over."
Almost two years ago, he wrote: "Tried Mordor again today and now it is getting soooooo close. I did it twice with just 1 short rest below crux section (the route is approx 25m-30m)."
Photo: Stew Watson on Mordor, 8c+/9a, by Elias Holzknecht

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