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The LowDown: Pasquil climbs Evolution  © UKC News

Pasquil climbs Evolution

School's Out (6a+) on the main wall at Horseshoe Quarry  © Chris Craggs

Horseshoe Quarry gets rebolt

The LowDown: Andreas Bindhammer on La novena enmienda  © UKC News

Andreas Bindhammer on La novena enmienda

Natalija Gros - Le Tango Vertical  © UKC News

Fri Night Vid: Natalija Gros - Le Tango Vertical

The LowDown: An American gangster in Austria  © UKC News

An American gangster in Austria

Steve Mayers of the Beacon Climbing Centre relaxing at Gogarth, North Wales  © Jack Geldard

Milton Keynes Climbing Needs You!

James Pearson on The Super-Tera-O-Mega Project Font 8A+  © Emi Moosburger

Photos James Pearson - Recent Bouldering Successes

The LowDown: Edu encore  © UKC News

Edu encore

The LowDown: Any minute now...  © UKC News

Any minute now...

The LowDown: Photo of the day  © UKC News

Photo of the day

Alan James in the jungle of modern climbing media with the proofs of the Pembroke Rockfax  © UKC Gear

UKClimbing is Expanding - Staff needed

End of the Affair and Triple 8's for John Cooke

UKC User John Cooke Ticks Triple 8.

Ménégatti vs Yabo roof

Captain Kirk's Philosophy of Climbing  © UKC News

Video Captain Kirk's Philosophy of Climbing

Alain Robert free solo in the Verdon

The LowDown: Edu goes online  © UKC News

Edu goes online

OS Map  © UKC News

Gordon Brown Announces Free Map Data

Andreas Bindhammer strikes

Nalle Hukkataival interviewed by Joost

K2 – The Price of Victory by Lino Lacedelli  © Lino Lacedelli

Lino Lacedelli Dies

The Kendal Film Trophies  © Mick Ryan -

Video Kendal Winners - Film and Books

The LowDown: Desgranges does Branson  © UKC News

Desgranges does Branson

Open your mind direct by Mrazek

King of the Caillasse II

The LowDown: Spanish lesson for Kinder  © UKC News

Spanish lesson for Kinder

The LowDown: Lama and Steuerer vs the Compressor route  © UKC News

Lama and Steuerer vs the Compressor route

Is Sponsorship a Sin?  © UKC News

Fri Night Vid/editorial Is Sponsorship a Sin?

Anne Banks  © Mick Ryan

Kendal Mountain Festival Up and Running - See You There

The LowDown: Keith Bradbury interview  © UKC News

Keith Bradbury interview

TheLowDown 1 year, Google beware!

The LowDown: Ondra repeats Xaxid Hostel, 9a/+  © UKC News

Ondra repeats Xaxid Hostel, 9a/+

Books at the Kendal Mountain festival 2009  © UKC News

Does Anyone Read Books Anymore?

Ally320  © Keith Sharples

Keith Sharples Calendar Winner and Cover

The LowDown: 5th ascent of Bansousha  © UKC News

5th ascent of Bansousha


World Cup Winners Announced

Award for BASE jump off the Eiger

Johnny Dawes climbing his E6 FA - The Bolton Wanderer  © Bamboo Chicken

Video Johnny Dawes E6 First Ascent

PuntX video with Anatole Bosio

Jon and Lucas on Dark waters

UKC User Scoops Writing Award

The LowDown: Hard Core bouldering  © UKC News

Hard Core bouldering

Tomaz Humar Found Dead 320  © UKC News

Tomaz Humar Found Dead

4th ascent of Bansousha, 8B slab

Chilean BW-video

Tyler Landman in Font from the film Between The Trees  © Unclesomebody

Fri Night Vid Triple Bill - Fontainebleau

Chang Himal North Face showing the  Houseman/Bullock line with bivy spots marked  © Andy Houseman

Update Bullock & Houseman - Chang Himal

Olivier Lebreton video

The LowDown: First 8c by Ricardo Vara  © UKC News

First 8c by Ricardo Vara

The LowDown: Dreamtime R.I.P.?  © UKC News

Dreamtime R.I.P.?

Grit Flick Prizes  © Mick Ryan -

UKC Grit Flick Comp -Winners Announced!

Vember, Cloggy  ©

Vember Passes Away

The LowDown: There's not only one French kid  © UKC News

There's not only one French kid

The LowDown: 8B/+ FA by Berni  © UKC News

8B/+ FA by Berni

Silvia Fitzpatrick

Silvia Fitzpatrick Climbs Another F8b

James Pearson on Walk of Life  © Dave Simmonite

Walk of Life wins Best Film on Climbing at Banff

9a+ by Arthur Kubista

Spanish hits

Chris Davies on A Life Aesthetic (V13) North Wales  © Davies Collection

A Life Aesthetic (V13) For Chris Davies

Grit Flick Packing Prizes 320  © Mick Ryan -

Video Grit Flick Grit Quiz....Ten Prizes... £600!

The LowDown: 10 Questions for Adam Ondra  © UKC News

10 Questions for Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra 320 News  © Philippe Maurel /

Video Adam Ondra Doesn't Win At Brno World Cup

Nick Bullock scoping the Chang Himal North Face  © Tom Briggs

Brits Climb Chang Himal North Face

The LowDown: Raudner vs Gott gegen Lisa Simpson  © UKC News

Raudner vs Gott gegen Lisa Simpson

The LowDown: 3rd 8b+ flash by Siegrist  © UKC News

3rd 8b+ flash by Siegrist

The LowDown: 9a+ by Mrázek  © UKC News

9a+ by Mrázek

FRI NIGHT VID: Ten Days in the Barra Isles  © Andy Moles

Fri Night Vid Ten Days in the Barra Isles

Charlotte Durif making the first ascent of Pull Over, F8c+  © Thomas Durif /

Charlotte Durif: F8c+, F8c+, F8b+ And More

The LowDown: 5th 9a(ish) by Enzo Oddo  © UKC News

5th 9a(ish) by Enzo Oddo

Analogica, 9a, by Sharma

Snowy conditions on Tower Ridge, 4th November 2009  © Alan Halewood

Snow On The Ben - Winter Cometh

Between The Trees DVD Cover  © Keith Bradbury

Climbing DVD's - A Price War?

James Kassay repeating Sleepy Rave Font 8C  © James Kassay

Video Repeat of Sleepy Rave, Font 8C, Grampians, Australia

3rd ascent of Sleepy rave, by Kassay

The LowDown: 8c/+ by Toru Nakajima  © UKC News

8c/+ by Toru Nakajima

Toru Nakajima on Meta Force F8c+  © Toru Nakajima

16 Year Old Toru Nakajima Climbs F8c+

Devils Kitchen  © UKC News

Video Winter Hits At

Ramonet, a weekend in hell

The LowDown: An American hero  © UKC News

An American hero

The LowDown: French ticks  © UKC News

French ticks

SIBL Round 3  © UKC News

SIBL Round 3 Report

Kendal Film  © KMF

Video Learn To Film and Edit at Kendal Mountain Festival

Mega OS by Durif at Verdon

Jerry Moffatt and Niall Grimes, winners of the grand prize at Banff  © Mick Ryan

Moffatt Book Wins Grand Prize at Banff

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