Inconformistas video with Camargo

Here, you can find a video of Felipe Camargo making Inconformistas, ~9a, at Rodellar, Spain, look quite easy. Felipe says he worked the route for like 10 days and did it at the end of June. At that time, as you can imagine, it was pretty hot already in Rodellar. "I woke up at 7 Am and went to try the route...fell at the last crux once again for the 7th time...and went back to the refugio..just chilled the whole day, swimming and playing pool in the kalandraka...and went there again to try the route with the last light at 9 pm and did it! Really cool!"
Felipe is currently chillin back in Brazil, although chillin is hardly the right word as the temperature is hovering between 30 and 39 degrees... Not quite the same here. -11 right now...
Photo: Coll. Camargo, by Pete O'Donovan
Source: Beal

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