Felipe Camargo about O dia santo

As promised, here's what Felipe Camargo had to say after making the 3rd ascent of what could be the hardest boulder problem in Brazil, O dia santo, originally given V14/8B+, but closer to V13/8B according to Felipe: "O dia santo is the best boulder I've ever climbed...sick line, with 16 moves...pretty a mini-route! Totally my style big lock-offs on good crimps! The boulder feels like V13/8B to me...cause I did it pretty fast...tried it one day in February of 2009 and then did it this Jan 4th!
But we need some climbers from other countries to come to Brazil and help us out with projects and grades!! So the invitation is done!

I don't have any photos of me on O dia santo....but I have two nice pics (one of me and the other of Bele) in this sick prow called "Virilha completa" V11/8A which I made the first ascent of a few days ago."
Photos: Felipe Camargo on Virilha completa, Camargo coll.
and Andre Berezoski on O dia Santo, by Cedric Larcher

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