Demencia senil, 9a+, by Ramonet

Ramon Julian Puigblanque, the current World Cup and European champion, has made the third ascent, after Chris Sharma and Iker Pou, of the pocket nightmare, or dream, Demencia Senil, 9a+, in the "laboratory" of Margalef, in Cataluña.

This is his fifth 9a+.

As is always the case with Mr Weekend Warrior Extraordinaire, Ramon also onsighted some 8b's and redpointed the odd 8c.

Ramon Julian Puigblanque on Demencia senil, 9a+
© M. Alba

Below: Iker Pou climbs Demencia Senil 9a+ at Margalef, Spain

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13 Oct, 2010
sic is there any video footage? and how come he beat Adam Ondra and yet he Doesn't seem to onsight many if any f8c routes
13 Oct, 2010
Nice job Ramonet! My money is on him to make the 3rd ascent of Golpe de Estado.
13 Oct, 2010
Onsighting in competitions is pretty different to onsighting out on the crag, the atmosphere and pressure must be ridiculous when your in front of a crowd. He's onsighted 4 8c's compared to ondras 15, according to 8a anyway.
13 Oct, 2010
erm.....what's he ever done on grit? [runs for cover]
13 Oct, 2010
I got three tendon injuries just watching the video of Iker Pou, that route looks horrible!
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