Gabri Moroni climbs Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace, ~9a, Sonlerto, 45 kb
Coup de Grace, ~9a, Sonlerto
© Jason Pinto

Gabriele Moroni has made the coveted 2nd ascent of Dave Graham's Coup de Grace at Sonlerto, high in the Val Bavona, Ticino. Dave originally suggested 9a+ for this steep bouldery route, but Gabri managed to work out new and different beta which make the start boulder go from ~8B to ~8A, and consequently thinks the whole thing should weigh in around 9a or so.

Sonlerto, Val Bavona, Ticino, Switzerland, 85 kb
Sonlerto, Val Bavona, Ticino, Switzerland
The ascent was made in the 11th hour as it were, with the summer heat and bouldering World cups closing in rapidly.

Gabriele Moroni is sponsored by: Five Ten, E9 and Metolius

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